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The "Graphic Novel Advisory Board" is a group of IC students who get together to review children's and teens graphic novels. They share their findings with rural librarians and discuss ways for them to enhance their collections of graphic novels. 

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.



Get to Know Us


I'm Katharine Kittredge, the head of of this Merry Band. I grew up reading the "funny papers," and comics like Scrooge McDuck and Little Lulu.  As a coordinator of ITHACON, Ithaca's long-running comic book convention, I have been introduced to many new graphic novels and have come to appreciate their range and complexity.  I am especially drawn to graphic memoirs like Fun Home and Hey, Kiddo, but I also love science fiction series like Saga and Bitch Planet.


I’m Andy Yzaguirre, a junior English major with a minor in Writing. When I’m not reading graphic novels I pursue my dreams as ammeter pie maker and card game enthusiast. I picked up my first graphic novel in grade school, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized how much I loved them. The range of stories, art style and age range is really exciting to me. As of right now my favorite is Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, I adore any shape shifting girl with big ambitions.


I’m Angelina (Nina) Randazzo, and I’m studying English and education at Ithaca College. I love fantasy, fairy tales, children and YA literature, and graphic novels! I only read a couple graphic novels when I was younger, but I got really into them once I came to college. I like graphic novels because they have a lot of educational value and are a great method for story-telling. My favorites are Shannon Hale’s Real Friends and Cece Bell’s El Deafo.


My name is Ian Emmanuel. I’m a math major with an Education minor. I started to read graphic novels in the 5th grade. The new middle school I was attending had mandatory independent reading everyday so I had to go to the library and actually pick out a book. I hated reading, but this school library had a huge graphic novel collection. The first graphic novel I ever read was Bone. I loved it so much I read the whole series and that’s when my passion for graphic novels started.


Long time fan of all things comic books and superheroes, stemming back to 60s Spider-Man reprints received via newspaper. Favorites include A Lonely Place of Dying and The Long Halloween.


Visually impaired artist, handicapped cosplayer, and hobbyist writer with a long-lasting love for compelling characters and sensational storytelling. What started as a passion for pokemon battles became an interest in the world of children’s & young adults’ media, disability inclusion, and pop culture. Favorite titles include Maul: Son of Dathomir, Young Justice, Harley Quinn #25, Gargoyles, and Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme.


Lola has been a fan of all things ‘nerd’ since watching her now least favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z, with her brother as a child. Since then she has gone on to read over 100 manga and has begun branching out towards all comics, with a focus on webcomics. Her love for graphic novels and anime has expanded into a need to create herself. She aspires to write webcomics as well as a graphic novel one day. Favorite titles include: Bones, Bastard (web manwha), Black Panther, Deadman Wonderland (manga), and Holyland (manga)


Like many in his generation, Ed refuses to grow up. At 21-years-old he still holds on to most of the interests he had at age ten. Including but not limited to: obsessions with Star Wars, Godzilla, Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo, and the Marvel and DC universes. While his experience lies more in the film, television, and video game worlds, Ed has also been a lifelong comic book reader. Since entering college he’s had limited time to keep up on reading but in the past year he has done his best to remedy that. His favorite graphic novels include Marvel and DC stories like Batman: The Long Halloween, Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright, the Marvel Ultimate Comics line, and anything published by Marvel/DC imprint, Amalgam Comics. He’s also a fan of some non-superhero stories like Maus and Persepolis.


A visual media fanatic and lover of science fiction and fantasy, to whom nothing is more exciting than a blank notebook. Relatively new to the world of graphic novels and comics, but enjoying it so far for sure. Favorites so far include Sandman and Watchmen.


After poring over The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Comics section with her grandmother nearly every morning of her childhood, Harleigh has enjoyed a lifelong love of comics and graphic novels. She is still delighted to read the Sunday funnies which her grandmother diligently mails to her every week. Harleigh has dabbled in cartooning herself throughout her schooling, maintaining an almost-daily, sometimes-funny single panel in high school which was syndicated on the whiteboards of her most benevolent English teachers. In 2016, she had the opportunity to take an online cartooning class with one of her idols, Hilary Price, the creator of the Rhymes With Orange comic strip. When she is not reading, writing, or cartooning, Harleigh can be found listening to ‘80s music, visiting punk rock flea markets, and practicing for roller derby. She has also worked in libraries for the past four years, and currently works at the Ithaca College library. Some of her favorite graphic novels include Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home.


Jalen is the youngest out of five of a family from Queens, NY. He loves Jesus, rainy days, and chocolate chip cookies. He’s excited about the resource graphic novels can be to kids and teens who don’t enjoy print books, to encourage literacy and make reading fun! The graphic novel he most recently enjoyed was El Deafo by Cece Bell.